We're moving the blog!

Hi everyone!

I just want to mention that for the past few months I've been working on the new home for this blog. Please add http://life.littlekujodesigns.com to your favorites! Eventually this page will be forwarded to the new site.

Thanks for visiting and keeping your day crafty!



Little Kujo Designs

Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence on this blog in the past months. I've been working hard on getting my custom accessories and bag shop up and running. I got side-tracked along the way with my knitting groups and the projects I've been knitting and crocheting.

I have lots of pictures to post up and I plan on spending the rest of the year catching up and adding new things for your entertainment. While I'm writing these posts, please visit Little Kujo Designs to see what I've been doing with my time. Also leave a message and let me know which project is your favorite in the Portfolio.

I'll leave you with these pretty pictures of some of my projects from the past three months.

Yarn Bag, medium
Yarn Bag, zipped up
LKD labels!
Essential Wristlet and Circular Zip pouch
Cross-stitch project, WIP




Origami Drawstring Bag

I made a new bag on Sunday. I was tempted to go out and buy stuff I didn't really need so I decided that I should make something to make that need-to-spend feeling go away. On Saturday night I came across this awesome little bag and knew I wanted to make my own. I was actually going to buy a pattern from Etsy, but I decided to search for a free pattern instead. I found this Origami Drawstring Bag pattern by Mai.

The front and the back looks the same. 
Inside the outside pockets. 
My tatting supplies are making themselves at home. 
Inside the bag. 
Drawstring action. Love it! 
I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Big thanks to Mai for sharing her easy pattern.



New Goodies - July & August

Since July was a slow month on my blog, I decided to update everything right now. I was a bit busy shopping for more craft supplies and patterns. :)

New patterns for work and some Steampunk cosplay.
Phidan modeling my new Nexus 7 tablet's box.
I came across the Craftsy site and they had a shuttle tatting class with Marilee Rockley. I wanted to sign up, but I decided to look around the internet for inspiration before I jumped into a new craft. I came across Diane's Lace-Lovin' Librarian blog. She has a lot of pretty pictures and had reviews about different tatting shuttles. Because of her reviews I decided to buy my tatting supplies from Handy Hands (www.hhtatting.com). Then I came across Heather's Tatted Treasures blog and her tutorials. With her wonderful videos I was able to learn how to tat in a few hours. I can't wait to try out new patterns!

Package from Handy Hands. My tatting supplies have arrived.
My goodies. Some threads, tatting shuttles, picot gauge, thread holder,
catalog, and newsletter. 
Pretty purple threads.
Different tatting shuttles. Clover, Lacis Sew Mate, and Starlit.
Picot gauge.
Thread holder with free Lizbeth thread.
Puppy pile up... they were tired after watching me learn how to tat lace.
My first project - butterfly! It's so tiny.
Now we're all up-to-date! I hope to work on all my different project - knit, crochet, sew, embroider, and tat. I just have to spend a day on each and finish a project before hopping to the next one. We'll see!



Pineapple Pub Crawl 2012

I found some pictures on my phone from the Annual Pineapple Pub Crawl on July 14, 2012 in Cambridge, MA. I designed the pineapples' costumes and we pieced it together. Enjoy!

Planning out the Cowardly Lion.
Dorothy knows that safety is very important. Buckle up!
The Scarecrow enjoys the ride into Cambridge.
Jay, Chris, and Bailey posing near our pineapples.
Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, Dorothy, and Cowardly Lion in Porter Square.
Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, Dorothy, and Cowardly Lion in Porter Square.
Hanging out at Tavern in the Square.
Shedding all the leis and hats.
Chris being silly.
The only survivors of the night. We lost the other pineapples...
Hope you enjoyed our lovely pineapples. :)



Our Thai Wedding

Sometimes I lose track of the days. I can't believe it's been three weeks since our Thai wedding! Without further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures from that night.

Morning blessing ceremony with our moms in the foreground.
Making our offerings to the monks.
Our reception hall.
Introducing ourselves and starting the party.
Dessert table.
Appetizer table. 
Start of the Water Ceremony.
Back row: Best man, best brother, Maid of Honor/best sister, mom's friend's daughter.
Front row: Us, sitting on hard cushions.
All smiles during the ceremony.
Our best man got to go up twice! Once with his wife and again at the end.
My friend, Amy, pouring water on my hands.
Our family and friends who helped on stage.
A group of my friends.
Our first dance. Our song was My Girl by the Temptations.
Our best man karaoked for us.
A lot of kisses that night.
Also a lot of laughter.
Our favorite couple joining us during the second song.
My family. <3>
Standing next to my mom's beautiful cake. Each layer had a different flavor.
Loving that face...
Feeding the cake!
I hope you enjoyed my selections of pictures! There's more to be seen in my Picasa web album: Our Thai Wedding.